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Patti and James are artists of laughter. Allow them to tickle your funny bone
Doris Hand

I liked The Patchwork Players because they make it seem like it happening right in front of us.
Vivian, Grade 4

Welcome the online home of The Patchwork Players. So just what is all this stuff about Story Theatre anyway? Is it Storytelling or is it Theatre. YES it's both! Well ... throw in a heaping helping of improvisation and audience participation, costumes and props and you are getting there. . .

As The Patchwork Players; James K. Nelson-Lucas and Patti Christensen bring stories to life for audiences of all ages. Don't just take our word for it, read what real people are saying about us and take a look for yourself at some of the places we have been. . . Are you back now? Would you like to know where to catch The Patchwork Players live and in person? See our calendar for upcoming events. Want more? We also have stories and articles published on line for you to enjoy and please take a look at some of our programs and workshops. What do you think? Would you like to invite The Patchwork Players to perform Story Theatre or run a special workshop for you? Go to our Booking page for bookings and press information. Or maybe you are already a fan of The Patchwork Players. In that case, The Patchwork Players Boutique is the place for stylish apparel and accessories bearing The Patchwork Players logos. Support the arts; buy our stuff!

By now old friends and new comers alike should know The Patchwork Players are dedicated to creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience for audiences of all ages.

The Universe is made of stories, not atoms.
Muriel Rukeyser
Keep up to date with The Patchwork Players. Vist their BLOG. It is updated regularly with their latest news.
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