For Immediate Release

Exclusive Live Engagement of The Patchwork Players - Story Theatre.

Are they storytellers? Are they actors? Yes! It's STORY THEATRE, combining the
best of storytelling, improvisational theatre, and audience participation.

There is FUN in our future! The _________________ is excited to sponsor a
storytelling concert by The Patchwork Players at _______________ on ________,
_________ __th. The storytelling duo of James Nelson-Lucas and Patti Christensen
delight and beguile their audiences with a performance that is full of
improvisation and plenty of audience participation. This is going to be a special
___________ program.

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ties into your organization's focus or priorities.)

As dramatic storytellers, The Patchwork Players adapt traditional folktales as
well as modern stories, adding fun participation, surprising props and costumes, and
of course, humor. Through the use of character, voices, creative movement,
animated expressions and gestures, they create a world of fantasy and
enchantment. Patti & James have a magical connection with their audiences of all
ages, engaging them in playful dramatization and active involvement in their
programs and workshops.

Each of The Patchwork Players bring decades of experience in
performance, theatre, education, and entertainment.

James has been an actor, magician, chef, public speaker, musician, dancer, clown,
improvisational performer, writer, workshop leader, producer, director. After years
of experience in these varied crafts, James now brings all these experiences together
in Story Theatre.

Patti developed her storytelling and dramatic art skills beginning as a drama
student in high school and has been involved in many theatre productions
throughout the years. She learned the magic of making history come alive including
her living history characterization of Louisa May Alcott Her graduate work refined
her ability to speak effectively on spiritual and value issues.

When James and Patti met, they found that not only would they become good friends,
but also that they shared the love of making stories come alive. This led them to
found The Patchwork Players-Story Theatre.

Now, The Patchwork Players travel extensively, performing and presenting as
professional storytellers. They are active in the storytelling community, member
of The South Coast Storyteller Guild, The Storytelling in Organizations Group and the
National Storytelling Network.

The Patchwork Players believe in the power of the arts and especially of storytelling
and drama in creating distinctive and engaging experiences for adults and children alike.

For more information about The Patchwork Players or James Nelson-Lucas and Patti
Christensen you may visit their website at

Don't miss out on the experience. Catch The Patchwork Players at_____________________.
Call XXX-XXXX for more information.