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Adults love the Patchwork Players

I want to thank the both of you for adding so much to the overall success of this years Fall Fest. You both are very talented and truly fun and entertaining. I believe that our folklore is an important part of our cultural identity and have great respect for the power of storytelling. I hope that you take part in more events in the future. Tusen takk.
Debbie Margerison
The Sons of Norway Lodge

I spent my 39th birthday at a Renaissance Faire where I saw The Patchwork Players. Their show was fun, funny and very entertaining. I even got called up on stage as the Birthday King. I would recommend them for birthday parties no matter how old you are.
Pete Amend

I can't thank you enough for your performance at Tri-City Medical Center...Your message was relevant and enjoyed by all in attendance. As you know, Service Excellence is a very important concept to all of us here at TCMC. I think you inflamed the imaginations of the new employees who saw you perform and 'gently teach' concepts that are at the very heart of who we are as an organization. I look forward to seeing your next performance.
Loren Pope
Service Excellence Coordinator, Tri-City Medical Center

On behalf of The Children's Museum at La Habra I would like to thank you for sharing your fantastic talents with us for the Young at Art Program.   Your contagious energy encouraged the students to participate and help bring the stories to life.   Your performance reinforced the importance of creativity, role-play, and plain ol' fun!
Maria Tinajero Dowdle
Program Development Manager
The Children Museum at La Habra

Thank you again for contributing to the succcess of our Diversity Dinner! You thoroughly captivated the audience (especially the younger ones!) I've had nothing but great response from all and I have given your "details" to someone who you inspired for another program. Thank you again! Take Care and BE GREAT!
Caoline Moreno, Family Enrichment Program
Parks and Recreation Department - City of Encinitas

The kids actively took part in the stories, which made the evening come alive.
Katie Ragazzi
Executive Director, Escondido Children's Museum

Thank you for your awesome presentation. Parents and kids kept talking about you and how much they would like you to return.
Beverly Owen
North County Solutions for Change Transitional Housing Program

Patti and James are artists of laughter. Allow them to tickle your funny bone.
Doris Hand

I learned we are never too old to enjoy hearing a story, and especially enjoyed the part about putting new up-to-date spin on fairy tales, such as the little Red Riding Hood story! We had a great workshop with you!
Ann Guenther, Senior and Clown


Patti and James gave a stimulating program on acting for our teen readers' group. The kids were enthralled and willingly participated in the acting exercises.
Sylvia Eller Wolfe,
Children's Librarian
Vista Branch Library of San Diego County Library

Everyone had a great time. My highlight was the little girls' reactions when you told them to put on the blue warts. . . . Hilariouis!
Kim, parent

The audience knows very well the tales you tell, your vibrant performance brings them to life.
Dave Chittenden

Kids love the Patchwork Players, too!

The Patchwork Players tell the most amazing stories I have ever heared. I liked when I played Rapunzel.
Myrra, grade 4

People should have the Patchwork Players come to their school so kids could be happy.
Monica, grade 3

My favorite story was Little Red Riding Hood because the girl knew karate.
Yadira, grade 5

Two weeks after they heard The Patchwork Players at a birthday party, the four year old twins are STILL talking about the stories! You two did an amazing job.
Suzanne, Parent

If you love the sound of your child's laughter, and the light of creativity and joy in your child's eyes when you see him or her fully engaged- you've got to see your child have a Patchwork Players experience! There is nothing in the world like seeing the light in a childís eyes, as they become a part of the world the Patchwork Players' stories generate.
Kristen Perry, Staff member, Pathways Program

My favorite thing about The Patchwork Players is when they act because they act very wonderful.
Jennifer, grade 5

They should come to your school because they are nice, good storytellers and very cool and you would learn a lot from them.
Lillian, grade 4

Mrs. Patti does a good team with Mr. James. You should invite them becuase they have a good act.
Jerry R. , grade 4

I liked The Patchwork Players because they make it seem like it is happening right in front of us.
Vivian, grade 4

I like it because they acted very realistic and funny. They are awesome actors.
Lourdes, grade 7

Invite them to make a party fun.
Eduardo, grade 3

My favorite story was Little Red Riding Hood because it was one of the first stories I learned when I was young. I think it is good listen to storytelling because you get to learn new words.
Gregorio, grade 5

They are the best actors I ever seen for now. They do great storys.
Azucena, grade 4

I think you guys are great. If I had some money I would give it to you.
Susan age 12 at San Diego Renassiance Faire

I like listening to storytelling because you could see how fun it is.
Giovanni, grade 3

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