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Celtic stories from Ireland, Scotland,
and Wales

The Patchwork Players perform Celtic tales Story Theatre style. James Nelson-Lucas is the proud inheritor of the Clan Grant storytelling heritage. His great-great-grandfather, for whom he was named, was a widely known storyteller. Together with master storyteller, Patti Christensen, they are modern day bards bringing ancient and not-so-ancient tales to life.

James and Patti are entertainers and educators who bring unique theatrical experience to your event. They use improvisational acting and audience participation to bring these stories from Scotland, Wales, and Ireland to life.

An audience member as the enchanted cow

Celtic Stories Stage Shows include the following:

Legends of Tall Warriors, Wise Rulers and Old Enchantments
Tales of old heroes and their adventures

Saints Preserve Us: Celtic Tales of Ghosts and Spirits
Spooky, scary (but not TOO scary) stories from the Isles.

Fairyfolk and Tales of Magic
Humorous stories of magical folk, luck, and misfortune


We can also offer a Got A Minute, Hear a WEE Story strolling format. These are short, one to three minute versions of traditional Celtic tales from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Strollers-by have the chance to choose a rock from our bag of Blarney Stones. Each stone decorated with a glyph that represents a traditional tale which The Patchwork Players will bring to life. This is especially effective in situation where crowds are waiting in lines or at a festival where people may not want to settle in for a longer program, but would still delight in a quick story.



The Great-great-grandson of a Clan Grant bard.
The storytelling lives on

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