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Storytellers to the Rescue

Whether rescuing frightened children from bears, escaping childhood bullies through wit and quick thinking, or traveling to far off places, James and Patti love to share their personal stories of true life adventures. We have stories appropriate for children, families, or adult only audiences. Laugh, cry, and gasp as truth is often stranger than fiction.

Whether enchanting school children, adults at a workplace banquet, or elders at a Senior Center, The Patchwork Players True Life Adventures are a hit.

Click here to read their story Storytellers to the Rescue.

What folks who have heard Storytellers to the Rescue have to say:

I like that they helped the little kids not get scared of the bears. It is awesome that it really happened.
Michelle Hernandez, grade 3

You brought back memories of my days as a National Park campground host. Thank you!
Tellebration audience member

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