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Dead men tell no tales...

. . . but The Patchwork Players do! Sometimes wild, sometimes whimsical stories about pirates. How do you get to be a pirate? What do pirates eat? What are pirates afraid of? What should you do if you meet a pirate? What if your MOTHER was a pirate? What makes even the toughest pirate cry? Could women be pirates? (Aye Matey, some of the most fierce!)

James tells tales as the pirate Lane Grant

Hear The Patchwork Players answer those questions and more with adventurous pirate tales.

There may be a scare, there may be some smiles and maybe even a song or two. There will always be fun.

When The Patchwork Players make port, it's a pirate's life for everyone!

I liked the stories and I LOVED getting my picture taken with their real pirate flag. I liked it best when I got picked to come on stage and help act out the stories. We were all pirates!
Suzie, age 9

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