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These princesses are not the spoiled, prissy young girls from the familiar stories. These smart, brave heroines take charge of their lives and save the day. From Rapunzel to The Paper Bag Princess to The Princess and The Frog Prince, children and adults enjoy these old and new princess stories with a twist. Great for girls and boys, full of plenty of audience participation and fun.


Thank you for telling us the best stories I ever heard. I passed the stories on to my family.
Love, Martha


I loved watching the kids after a series of stories from James and Patti drawing and re-enacting their favorite parts. Children get a chance to hone their dramatic skills and be a part of the production. The beautiful thing about a Patchwork Players experience is the feeling you get as you watch the stories and your child come to life in a joyous celebration.
Kristen Perry, Staff member, Pathways Program

Everyone had a great time. My highlight was the little girls' reaction when you told them to put on the blue warts ... Hilarious!
Kim, parent

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