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Festivals and special events offer food, music, shows and attractions. Folks are always on the move, so much to see and so little time.

That's okay, a little time is all you need for The Patchwork Players Got a Minute, Hear a Story. We offer fast paced versions of favorite stories.

Whether you are standing in line for a corn dog or on the way to the art show, The Patchwork Players will be there to entertain you with a quick story or two...

We take the stories to the people.

We once stood in line for over an hour to make a special hat at a festival. We did not want to lose our place in line, but it sure GOT BORING-thus was born the Got a Minute? Hear a Story! format.
No group is too large or small. Some people may listen to one story or several. It's fun and entertaining to all and certainly very affordable. This may be just the touch your venue is looking for.

A magic Got a Minute moment. The Patchwork Players learn a new, original story from a young fan.

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