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With names like Christensen and Nelson, how could we not enjoy stories from Scandinavia?

We have performed for the House of Denmark, Vasa, and Sons of Norway events. James is also a member of The Fish Club Odin, a rowdy group of Vikings who celebrate Norwegian culture through song, food, drink and FUN.

It has been said if Norway were to show the world a single work of art which would most truly express the Norwegian character, perhaps the best choice would be the folk tales. As Scandinavians, we have sometimes forgotten the wisdom that has been passed down from our ancestors, by folktale, myths and proverbs. As storytellers, we strive to preserve and pass on this important part of our heritage.

Let us bring the joy of Old World Scandinavian tales brought to life to your group.


Scandinavian Programs include:

Troll Tales
Scandinavian Tales of Love and Marriage
Norse Myths for the REST of us
Hans Christian Andersen:
Well Known and Little Known Tales

The Patchwork Players are an energetic duo, who bring the stories back to life in a fun and creative way. They capture and involve the audience in their performance, and there isn't a dull moment at all!

There is not doubt that they are in their right element - they perform with such great passion, and they "tailor" their stories to fit the audience. Patti and James have great background knowledge of various areas, and one of them is the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen. The Duo performed some of H.C. Andersen's fairy tales at our (House of Denmark) annual "Lawn Program" in Balboa Park, San Diego.

Thank you again Patti and James for a wonderful day. We are looking forward to working together with you on our next year's Lawn Program.
Margit Perfecto
On behalf of House of Denmark, Balboa Park

The Patchwork Players performed at the International Family Village Festival in Riverside. Their troll stories were fun. I loved the look on the faces of the children.
Myrt Palatas, of Swedish Descent
Vasa Baltic Lodge, Riverside CA

Very fine remembrance of the stories of my folk of old, mor og far (mother and father).
Olaf Aalabee
Sons of Norway Solbbakken Lodge

A couple from the audience assists Patti in acting out the tale The Husband Who Was to Mind the House.

I want to thank the both of you for adding so much to the overall success of this year's Fall Fest. You both are very talented and truly fun and entertaining. I believe that our folklore is an important part of our cultural identity and have great respect for the power of storytelling. I hope that you take part in more events in the future. Tusen Takk.
Debbie Margerison
The Sons of Norway Norge Lodge
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