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James and Patti love folktales from down the street, across the American experience and around the world. From the Far East to the Middle East and everywhere in between, The Patchwork Players have a host of stories to share. From their own heritage they have a special fondness for American and European stories.
Some of the folktales they tell from around the world include:

Too Much Noise a Jewish Tale
Little Red Ridinghood from Germany
The Frog Prince from Germany
Three Wishes and a Sausage from Sweden
The Troll Bride from Norway
The Baby Coyote from American SW
The Man Who Was to Mind the House
from Norway
La Llorona from Mexico
The Golden Arm from the USA
Ghost Soup from India
The Princess and the Pea from Denmark

and many more

The Patchwork Players tell the most amazing stories I have ever heard. . . . I liked when I played Rapunzel.
Myra, grade 5

In a world of sterile- mechanical- pastimes for children, where TV and gameboys have shortened attention spans and lowered intelligence, where children have become desensitized to violence and tenderness - where fun is often reduced to bathroom humor- The Patchwork Players regenerate an earlier and more human connection, that I'd been missing- though I didn't realize it. James and Patti reach children on their level and reintroduce them to the stories you grew up with.
Kristen Perry, Staff member, Pathways Program

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