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San Diego Tellers
The Patchwork Players have a variety of storytelling programs and workshops ready for your group or event. They also love to work with groups to customize or develop a new program to meet your special needs. Take a look at the list below to see some of their most popular programs.
World Folk
World Folk and Fairytales
James and Patti love folk tales from down the street and around the world, familiar folk tales and fractured fairytales.
Holiday Programs & Special Events
With a trunk full of costumes and stories for every season, The Patchwork Players are an ideal addition to your holiday party or special event.
Gotta Minute Strolling Storytelling: Got a Minute? Hear a Story!
Have people gathering and want an alternative to a full show? Off the stage and into the crowd for stories on the go! Hear some of your favorite stories, fast.
Renaissance Faires
From Grimm's Fairytales to Fractured Fairytales to Classic Folk tales, The Patchwork Players reinvent classic Renaissance-style theatre of the people.
Young Writers
Bring Young Writers' Work to Life
A writing support program aimed at bringing students' work alive on stage. James and Patti will work with the children in developing their stories and then acting them out or take student written stories and bring them back to the children through Story Theatre.
Storytelling brings museums to life. Whether supporting a specific theme, event, collection or highlighting an individual piece, The Patchwork Players can create an experience that really adds to visitors' experiences.
Workshops: Using Stories and Storytelling
Patti & James are popular workshop leaders and offer a variety of storytelling workshops for all ages and levels. Learn tell stories or polish your storytelling skills.
Stories Supporting Organizations
Story Theatre is certainly not just for kids. Storytelling and story listening programs assist organizations in meeting their goals. We customize our organizational programs to meet your needs, focusing on service excellence, team building, communication, or dealing with change.
I Was So Mad! Stories About Anger
Life gives us so many opportunities to feel angry. This program uses stories to deal with anger in a sometimes humorous manner that also deals with anger's often serious side.
Birthday Parties
The Patchwork Players create a magical party program for celebrations of birthdays from age one to 100. A special story is always included for the birthday king or queen. A storytelling birthday party will provide memories to last a lifetime.
Stories of Spirit
We offer a variety of spiritual programs for children and adults including Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep: Stories about Prayer for Children. This touching program is full of stories and songs that explore the role of prayer in children's lives.
True Life
True-Life Adventures
James and Patti love to share their personal stories of true-life adventures. Laugh, cry, and gasp as truth is often stranger than fiction.
Scandinavian Tales
With names like Christensen and Nelson, how could they not enjoy stories from Scandinavia. Look here for stories about Trolls, Scandinavian Love and Marriage, and more.
Celtic Stories
The ancient tradition of the Celtic Bard, brought to life for modern audiences, Story Theatre style.
Modern Princess Stories
These princesses are not the spoiled, prissy young girls from the familiar stories. These smart, brave princesses take charge of their lives and save the day.
Pirate Tales
Arrggh! Treasures are buried in every tale, listeners brighten to the shine of gold and the adventures of these pirates of old. Yo ho, a pirate's life for me!
Ghost Stories and Not Too Scary Stories
Whose got my golden arm? Children and adults often like to be scared, or maybe not too scared. These programs bring just the right balance to stories that will put the listener on the edge of their seat.
True Tales of California
Truth can be stranger than fiction when you hear stories about the Gold Rush, the Rancheros, and tall tales that come out of California history.
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